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Ridin’ the J Bus: 14-year-old Treshawn has big plans

Posted on March 3rd, 2011 in Carrboro children,Features,J Bus,Lifestyles by jock

By Allison Russell

Carrboro Commons Co-Editor

Back during the Jazz Age in New York City, you took the A Train to get to Harlem. But to get most everywhere in Carrboro, you take the J Bus. In the spirit of Charles Kuralt’s dictum that everyone has a story, Commons reporter Allison Russell jumped on the J Bus and selected a rider to interview at random.

Although they may not know it, the people who ride the J Bus are in good hands when 14-year-old Treshawn Hackney steps onto it.

“I could probably fix the bus if it broke down,” says Treshawn, who is interested in a career in mechanical engineering.

Treshawn Hackney, 14, rides the J Bus home from middle school everyday. He aspires to be a mechanical engineer and loves playing football. “I come up with ideas that are brilliant,” Treshawn says.

An eighth-grader at McDougle Middle School, Treshawn rides the J Bus home from school.

“My parents trust me.…They know I won’t get into any stupid stuff while I’m on the bus,” he says.

Treshawn is the youngest of four children, and he is the only child to still live at home with his parents, Darlene and Mike.

“Sometimes, yes, I like being the only child [to live at home], but sometimes, no, I don’t,” says Treshawn pensively.

The 14-year-old spends his time at home doing homework and playing football or paintball with his friends.

“I love sports, and I would definitely consider myself athletic,” says Treshawn, who wears the number 52 jersey as a tight end on his middle school’s football team.

His favorite professional athletes include LeBron James and Michael Vick, whom Treshawn believes should be forgiven for his past of dogfighting.

“It’s very sad,” Treshawn says of the dogs that were hurt, “but everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance.”

In addition to being an avid athlete, Treshawn enjoys working with his hands to create projects such as model cars and airplanes.

He first became interested in hands-on projects after his brother taught him how to fix a car.

“My brother is a mechanic, and he helps fix my parents’ car when it breaks down,” Treshawn says. “He taught me how to fix a car when I was 7 years old.”

In class, Treshawn thrives on coming up with quick ideas to enhance project designs. He says he first noticed his ability to creatively improvise after he learned how to repair a car’s engine.

“I come up with ideas that are brilliant,” he says, with self-assurance that suggests he is twice his age.

Treshawn, who can solve a Rubik’s Cube, says his favorite subjects in school are math and science, and he especially enjoys studying chemistry.

“Right now [in math class] we’re doing geometry….In the end, with the equations, they always tie into each other. You can see patterns within them.”

Although Treshawn likes living in Carrboro, he says if he could go anywhere in the world he would go to Los Angeles.

“There are lots of famous people there, and I’d like to see how their life is like, what they’re doing when they’re not working.”

His favorite movie genre is horror, and Treshawn says he would like to meet Isabelle Fuhrman, child star of the movie Orphan.

“Some of my friends met her and they say she’s really cool,” he says.

If Treshawn follows through with his desire to meet the celebrities of Los Angeles, he says he won’t want to come back to live in Carrboro.

“I don’t want to stay here forever,” he says with a quick glance out of the bus’s foggy window. “I want to explore other places.”

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