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A Language Barrier

Latino Beat Editor Christina Lopez takes a personal look at growing up Hispanic in North Carolina.

by Christina Lopez
Latino Beat Editor

I never looked at my family as interracial. I was brought up like many families, in a warm house with two brothers, a mom and a dad. I went to Catholic elementary school and perceived my life to be what many would deem as normal.
We would take family vacations, and growing up I never thought about the logistics of things. My dad’s family was from Puerto Rico and resided in the heart of New York, while my mom’s family grew up in good old small- town North Carolina.
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Dear Carrboro…

By Jock Lauterer
Carrboro Commons Advisor


With apologies to Bob Dylan: “The media they are a-changin’.”

Here we are, a student-produced Web-based e-zine that would have been impossible back in the ’80s when your columnist began teaching journalism.
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