On Point

Well it’s not “Everybody Has A Story” with Steve Hartman on CBS, but it’s close.

If you can remember a bit further back, there was “On the Road” with local legend Charles Kuralt.

There exists a proud tradition of hitting the streets and going to unlikely places to see what’s happening.

“On Point” aims to do just that.


#1 - Millennium Fountain

If you’ve spent any time in Carrboro, you know it’s different than most places. The running comment is that everything seems to slow down once you cross Merritt Mill Road onto the main drag. I can’t speak to that, but things certainly do seem to brighten up.

But how is this all going to work?

Each issue, we’ll throw a dart at the map, and go exactly where it lands. We’ll take 360 degree panoramic photographs and discover the nature of that spot.

A few weeks ago, the Commons staff got together to discuss our second issue. While we were meeting, we brought out a map of the area and I had the privilege of throwing the inaugural dart.

The dart landed just outside the Carrboro town limits - which I didn’t realize until I was actually there and staring at a Chapel Hill address.

As the Commons is a news source devoted to Carrboro, I felt it was necessary to throw another dart. The second one hit the mark - the Millennium Fountain at the Century Center. I didn’t know anything about that spot before Friday when I went out there with a camera.

The fountain may not be new - but in the words of one of my other favorite newscasters - Kevin Nealon of SNL’s Weekend Update - “That’s news to me.”

Hopefully, “On Point” will server to educate readers who may be new to the area and perhaps even alert veteran Carrboretors to someplace new and exciting.

We at the Commons ask: What makes your neck of the woods unique? Where are you on the map, and what are you all about? Let us know.

[Special thanks to Jeff Kleaveland of the Town of Carrboro Zoning Division, who provided us with a proper map - one that he had hanging on his own wall.]

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