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Posted on December 7th, 2006 in by allisonp

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Rules for Comments
At the Carrboro Commons, we want to hear what you think about the issues we talk about as well as some of your own. We welcome all comments. However, please adhere to the following rules. Otherwise, your comments will not be posted on the site. Thank you!

~ You must register. Your screenname that appears online doesn’t have to be your real name, however, please register using both your first and last name. And tell us where you live. This will just be for us so we know who is writing in and that you are a REAL PERSON. This content will not be given to anyone else.
~ NO profanity, racial slurs, or sexual connotations.
~ NO writing with the intent to defame a person.
~ And NO snarky, vindictive or threatening comments will be posted.

The purpose of the comments section is to help foster community-building at an educational lab online newspaper through a good-faith exchange of views. Remember, for us “Commoners,” this is a learning experience!

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